Our valued clients,

Welcome to Friday and the end of week 3 for the Cooper Reeves team who have been working from home continuing to deliver our services to you with the quality and care you have come to expect from us, your trusted advisers.

We are pleased to advise that apart from a few minor IT hiccups in the first week everyone has settled into working from home and “business as usual” but different!

Our amazing team of professionals led by our Principals; Sarah and Nathan and Associates;  Anita and Julie have spent countless hours meeting, reading, attending webinars and reading more to ensure that they are completely across the complexity of the Government packages surrounding COVID-19.

Training is top on our list of priorities and we are investing many hours training the rest of our professional team so as we can best assist you, our clients navigate through these times of uncertainty.

There is a lot of confusion in the market at present and we are committed to providing you with up to date easy to read information as it is announced.

Working from home

I have been asked by a number of businesses over the last couple of weeks to share what we have experienced and provide some “Tips and Tricks” to assist in managing your teams whilst working from home.

Each week we will be sharing new tips and experiences around working from home to assist you in managing your own Teams.

Week 1: Wellbeing while working from home

For a lot of us having our team work from home is somewhat “new”. Where you can, provide opportunities for remote social interaction, encouragement and emotional support including:

  • Although everyone is different, try and maintain a regular routine including taking regular breaks and lunch throughout the day at the same time.
  • Set weekly goals and share them with your team – both work and personal. This will provide focus, accountability and a sense of accomplishment for all.
  • Get dressed and ready for the day like you would if you were going to the office – make sure you transition out of your pyjamas each morning.
  • When you finish for the day leave your designated “work” office space and arrive “home”. Find time for yourself and set boundaries between work and home life.
  • Be active and healthy – exercise and spend time outdoors with your family.

“To serve others we must remember to serve ourselves, as a leader keep your own mental health in check”.

Please be assured that we are here, as always, whenever you need us and are well equipped to help you navigate these extremely challenging times.

Please take care and keep safe and healthy.

Christine, Sarah, Nathan and the team at Cooper Reeves