Our valued clients,

Today marks the end of week 6 for our team working from home. For many of us a new “normal” has been established and I daren’t look at what staff are wearing on their feet in their “home” office on these cooler mornings! Enjoy it while you can everyone!

I am really proud to say that the acts of kindness, messages of appreciation, witnessing our staff going over and beyond to assist our clients throughout these challenging and somewhat surreal times has been amazing to watch.

Over a “virtual” coffee with our team next week we will celebrate and share stories and messages from clients showing their appreciation. When times are tough, messages of support and appreciation help so much to keep everyone going – thank you.

With the lifting of some restrictions last week, us, like many, will be watching and waiting today for Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s announcement with regard to the potential easing of restrictions on businesses and under which guidelines this may happen. After this announcement we may all be in a position to begin to formulate a return to work plan and “business as usual” – but different.

Working from home

We continue to share some ideas with you to help in managing your team from home, some of these you may already be doing, we are hoping you may take something away from this list.

Daily huddle checklist:

  • Be consistent – Set up the times and lock them in the diary and make them non-negotiable. You may plan to have a daily “huddle” at 8.30 to start the day right and again at 1pm post lunch to get the afternoon set up.
  • Use video conferencing/zoom/teams if you can – This is important as you can look for the non-verbal cues and body language to see how the team are.
  • Who is the chair – This doesn’t have to be the “leader” in the group, just make sure it is clear who will chair the meeting.
  • Set the agenda – Make sure the agenda is clear so people are prepared. We suggest starting with the RUOK conversation before getting into the work. Ask what the team have on their “to do list” or diary for the day and make sure that they are taking lunch and breaks.
  • Take notes – Nominate a person to capture any issues and actions to circulate after the meeting to keep momentum.
  • Raise your hand – Some video conferencing doesn’t make it clear who has the floor to talk. One way you can combat this is have people raise their hand to speak, this way the chair can acknowledge them and “give them the floor” when the other person has finished.

A nice way to the end the week with your team is to bring in some fun; you might set up a virtual Friday drinks for example so you have a debrief of the week over a drink.

Our team are here to provide you with all the assistance you need to help you and your business through these challenging times.

Wishing all of our “Mum’s” both clients and staff a very Happy Mother’s day – enjoy special time with your family and stay safe.

Christine, Sarah, Nathan and the team at Cooper Reeves