Our valued clients,

A big shout out this week to our amazing receptionist Janeen! Janeen has been keeping the home fires burning at the Cooper Reeves office these past 4 weeks to support our clients and team who are working from home. Yes, we are still open for business as usual!

Today marks the end of week 4 and dare we say it but it is beginning to feel like the “new” normal although we do miss seeing our friendly team in person each day.

Another week of announcements, change and constant updates about JobKeeper and eligibility criteria. Our Team have been busy assisting clients through these challenging times and ensuring that you, our clients, have access to whatever support you may be eligible for to keep your business running.

Working from home

As promised last week, we will continue to share some tips and tricks to assist you in managing your teams whilst working from home.

Week 2: Connect with your Team and show care

  • Make sure you check-in with your team constantly (at least 2-3 times per day) – by email/phone or video chat. Looking after each other is essential and we encourage you to keep connecting with your team mates.
  • When connecting via email be mindful of your virtual ‘body language’ – email is a poor communication medium – so have a heightened awareness of the way you write your communications. If in any doubt – pick up the phone/video conference.
  • A little acronym to follow for those leading teams (SMALL):
    • Say thanks often – makes sure you say thank you often and with authenticity.
    • Motivate your team – get to know them individually and set some goals that will motivate them.
    • Acknowledge hard work – call it out in a group chat/email when someone goes the extra mile or gets a win.
    • Lead by example – don’t turn up to the group chat late in your pyjamas, set the tone for your team.
    • Learn from your team as much as you teach – if you have a problem bring your team in on the discussion, you will be amazed the different solutions and thinking they bring to the table.

Our team are here to provide you with all the assistance you need to help you and your business through these challenging times.

Please take care and keep safe and healthy.

Christine, Sarah, Nathan and the team at Cooper Reeves