Our valued clients,

With this week marking the end of week 7 of the Cooper Reeves team working remotely from our home offices, I would like to acknowledge our Financial Planning team and in particular our Advisers, Anthony Smith and Adam Lai for the great work that they are doing in assisting our clients through what has been somewhat turbulent and challenging times in the current “financial” world.

After Scott Morrison’s announcement last Friday, we are by now all aware of the three-step roadmap to achieve a COVID safe Australia with the aim to reopen the country’s economy, followed by the announcement of Queensland’s three-stage roadmap to easing restrictions.

Many businesses, Cooper Reeves included, are preparing a COVID safe plan to enable, when ready, our staff to return to work in a safe environment. We will share some ideas around this over the next couple of weeks.

For more information on a COVID safe return to work plan please visit:

Managing a remote workforce and maintaining engagement

I have read a lot this week about working remotely and the challenge of maintaining engagement amongst your team.

Initially, working remotely was exciting for many people however, with no immediate end in sight and while plans are being made to allow us to return to work, the excitement, in a lot of cases, has worn off and, as leaders, we are now looking for ways to motivate our teams and ourselves whilst continuing to maintain a healthy work life balance.

We touched on this in an earlier broadcast; remember the importance of looking after yourself so you are well placed to motivate and look after your team.

Working from home – will this be the “new normal”?

There is a great deal of talk through on-line forums, LinkedIn and various groups around whether or not it is necessary, when the time comes, for all staff to return to the office? Should business’s, where it is working, continue to provide flexible working arrangements and allow staff to work from home? Does your business require as much office space moving forward? What is this going to look like? So many things to be considered.

Please remember that our team are here to provide you with all the assistance you need to help you and your business through these challenging times.

Until next week, take care, stay safe and enjoy a little more freedom this weekend!

Christine, Sarah, Nathan and the team at Cooper Reeves

Please see below a link to a poem written by New Zealand born poet, Tom Roberts that has gone viral this week titled, “The Great Realisation” .